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Are the prices I see online the total price?

Today 7:02 AM

The price you see is the price you pay for those select times and locations. We do not charge for baggage, child seats, tolls or late arrivals due to flight delays as long as we have your complete and accurate flight information for your party's reservation and multiple pick-ups for a single reservation are not required. Everyone loves this about us and we’re sure you will too!

Today 7:03 AM

Will there be other people on the shuttle with us?

Today 8:02 AM

Yes. We limit each vehicle to 8 travelers so there will only be a few great vacationers, just like yourself, on the shuttle.

Today 8:03 AM

What will you pick me up in?

Today 9:02 AM

Customers call it the ”spa on wheels” but its official name is the Nissan NV SL. When you ride with us you get the best! Enjoy privacy windows, leather seats, XM radio, free wireless internet and much more cool stuff. To put your mind at ease, we sanitize our vehicles constantly to ensure our shuttles are as germ free as possible. To see a one minute video of our shuttle click here

Today 9:03 AM

When do I pay for the shuttle?

Today 10:02 AM

At the time you book your reservation. We do this for two reasons. First, it ensures your seats are reserved and second, it speeds up the process when you're at the airport and/or cruise terminal. Simply show us your reservation along with your valid identification at your pick-up location, and away we go!

Today 10:03 AM

What is your cancellation policy?

Today 11:02 AM

We understand things come up and plans change, so we offer a full refund if you call us at (855) 200-7678 within 48 hours of your scheduled pick-up time.

Today 11:03 AM

How early should my flight arrive at the Orlando International Airport so I don't miss my shuttle?

Today 12:02 PM

We recommend that your flight is scheduled to land at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time.

Today 12:03 PM

How long does it take it get from MCO to Port Canaveral?

Today 1:02 PM

Count on a travel time of about 50 minutes between Orlando Airport and Port Canaveral.

Today 1:03 PM

Does your shuttle leave and arrive on time?

Today 2:02 PM

Yes. We ask our travelers to arrive 10 minutes early to the designated pick-up locations so we can leave at our scheduled leave times. However, as a courtesy, we give a 15 minute window for unforeseen circumstances to ensure all our travelers are cared for.

Today 2:03 PM

What if my flight is delayed?

Today 3:02 PM

Don't worry, we track flights on your scheduled arrival date to the Orlando International Airport. If your flight is delayed, please inform us as soon as possible or before your flight leaves, so we can make the appropriate arrangements for you to be picked up. Also, if your flight number changes, please contact us as soon as possible.

Today 3:03 PM

What will my Navigator be wearing?

Today 4:02 PM

Your Navigator will be wearing the signature look, dark grey polo, beige khakis, white shoes, and a white wrist band.

Today 4:03 PM

Where do I meet you at the Orlando International Airport?

Today 5:02 PM

Detailed instructions, which includes an easy step by step guide and location images, are sent to you in your welcome email once your shuttle is booked.

Today 5:03 PM

Where do I meet you at Port Canaveral?

Today 6:02 PM

Upon disembarking your cruise ship, you will need to clear Customs & Immigration. As a helpful tip, this process takes about 30-45 minutes. Once you have your baggage, verify with the porters, who wear bright safety vests, where the pre-arranged shuttle waiting area is. At the pre-arranged shuttle waiting area locate your shuttle. We ask that you please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled leave time. To view a brief video of your shuttle, click here

Today 6:03 PM

Why are there two different prices online?

Today 7:02 PM

We offer two specials. One price is set for transfers to Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach hotels, in the afternoon to late evening, from the Orlando International Airport. These Airport to Hotel rates are designed to give you the most bang for your buck! With this special, you can pick what time fits you best. Our second special price is set for cruisers going specifically between the Orlando International Airport and their Port Canaveral cruise. At the cruise terminal, we have two leave times set for 8:15am and 10:35am. At MCO, we have two leave times set for 9:30am and 12:05 pm. Whether you use from the Airport to Hotel, Airport to Cruise, or Cruise to Airport, you always save! Can I help you with anything else?

Today 7:03 PM

No. You’ve answered all of my questions and I’m ready to book!

Today 7:04 PM

Great! Thank you for choosing

Today 7:05 PM

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